Are you as happy as this, in YOUR work?

"I love being told at least once a day, 'Thank you, what a wonderful job!'.

”Why didn’t we do this earlier? I am working less, but making more money than my old full-time job.

"Thank you Pet Mobile for giving me the choice and ensuring my success.”

-Actual Pet Mobile Franchisee
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MORE than just a Mobile Dog Wash Franchise...

A Premier Grooming Service, from a Very Special Franchise System

Are you Happy in your work?
Pet Mobile
has been described as ‘a very unusual Franchise System’. Perhaps that's because of our commitment to the:
  • Happiness,
  • Satisfaction and
  • Contentment
of our Franchise Owners. We call this “H.S.C.

This does not mean just making money, although with recorded annual franchisee revenues well over $100,000 per trailer, and recorded returns of over 200% on business sales, we’re confident we offer unmatched financial performance.
grooming trailer

grooming trailer with franchisee

H. S. C. is Something Else...

“H.S.C.” is about:

Working for the best clients
who are prepared to pay a bit extra to get the very best for their pet. They know we're not just a dog wash franchise system.

Working in the best surroundings
-our spacious, airy Custom Mobile Salon, using the best equipment, and the best grooming products designed with the welfare of you, the user, in mind.

The satisfaction of doing the highest-level grooming work
and knowing you’ve received your professional training from some of Australia’s best Dog Grooming Instructors -another fact that makes us different from a dog wash franchise.

to a Franchise System that takes a real personal interest in every Franchise Owner; that gives you monthly written feedback on your progress, a System with no royalties, based on a simple flat-fee structure.

MORE than just a Mobile Dog Wash Franchise...

Pet Mobile and “H.S.C.” are not for everyone.

We don’t aim to be the biggest –we aim for the best group of Franchise Owners serving the best clients.

So our Franchise Owners are generally more mature and experienced than is common, and they're used to dealing with discriminating customers who demand the best –no questions asked. We currently service those customers in the ACT, NSW, Qld, SA & Victoria.

So if you are:
  • Quality-conscious
  • Of mature judgment
And if you:
  • have good communication and people skills
  • have an abiding love for animals and their welfare
  • desire the freedom and independence of running your own business
Then you could well be the kind of person we seek.
Dog Grooming Trailer

mobile grooming trailer

H. S. C. is also about...

If you are suitable for the award of a Pet Mobile Franchise, we can promise you unequalled Value in your business:
  • More Value from your work as one of the highest-paid groomers in your area

  • A more Valuable, larger Territory –our average is over 40,000 households

  • Your comprehensive equipment package cannot be bettered for Value in the range and quality of its components including our Guinness World Record trailer! (click on the 'Our Mobile Salon' button above)

  • You can build a business of real Value–a new Pet Mobile Franchise costs $39,000 + refundable GST, and operating businesses have sold for over $80,000.

An Unsolicited Testimonial from a Franchise Owner...

” Why didn’t we do this earlier? "The more time I give the business the more time it just fills. I am working less, but making more money than my old full-time job.
 "I am a little bit scared of what is to come for summer, just the thought of so many calls and being booked out weeks and weeks in advance. "I do love getting out of bed when I feel like it, and I love being told at least once a day, 'Thank you, what a wonderful job!', being praised when before it was just yell and stress and deadlines.
"Thank you Pet Mobile for giving me the choice and ensuring my success through simple things like this monthly report.”


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