Our Mobile Salon is a Guinness World Record Breaker!

We're very proud of our Salon. It is not just a modified trailer; it has been designed from the ground up and developed through many generations to support our Franchisees in the special level of grooming work they do.

2 Grooming trailers
If you want your pet to be pampered in the Salon that's proven itself superior to others, call Pet Mobile.

Dogs appreciate our Salon's light, airy, spacious interior, and because they can see out all round they aren't stressed by being closed off from their home territory.
In September 2003, using 5 Pet Mobile Salons, the Vet. Science Foundation of the University of Sydney broke the Guinness World Record for the most dogs washed in 8 hours, by a team of 12 people, doing 848 dogs using 6 trailers (and in less than 8 hours).

 Five Pet Mobile Salons were chosen out of the 6 because experience had shown the Pet Mobile Salon was superior in its ability to get the job done. Record-breaking requires the best!

The Pet Mobile Record-breaking Salon is a Registered Design that only our Franchise Owners may legally use, so for the best for your pet, call us!
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